University League Tables


University League Tables are lists of institutions in higher education, ordered by combinations of factors. In addition to entire institutions, specific programs, departments, and schools are ranked. These rankings are conducted by magazines, newspapers, governments and academics. Various university guides consider measures of research excellence and/or influence, student choices, eventual success and/or demographics, on surveys, and others.

How are League Tables Calculated

There is no approved way of calculating a University's ranking. Some league tables evaluate institutions within a single country, while others assess institutions worldwide. The subject has produced much debate about University League Tables' usefulness and accuracy. The expanding diversity in rating methodologies and accompanying criticisms of each indicate the lack of consensus in the field. We're building a database of league tables to give you the best means of deciding.

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Times Higher Education World University Rankings


The overall world top 200 rankings, the banded lists of a further 200 "best of the rest" universities, and the six university league tables showing the top 50 institutions.

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Guardian University Guide League Tables

The Guardian's comprehensive UK university guide featuring university league tables, university rankings for every subject.

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The Complete University Guide

The total score calculated by The Complete University Guide is an independent and trusted methodology comprising the four measures listed in the University League Table.

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More League Table Information

Here is alphabetical lists of Universities that might appear in University Rankings.